• Stacy Smith [ ROOTZ ]

Women in Business

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before today, but I just realized that the majority of wares that we carry in the shop are either crafted by women or are from businesses run by women. As a woman business owner I didn’t set out to do this intentionally, it just seems to have happened organically.

I have recently learned that there has been an 18% increase of women owned businesses since 2017. One of the driving forces for women opening up their own business is a desire to pursue their passions and creativity, which they may not be able to accomplish in the corporate world. I believe that women also have a perseverance to keep at their goals and the tenacity to follow through even though the path may be hard. We are natural problem solvers and nurturers, which makes a great catalyst for any entrepreneur.

I am so pleased to have the representation of so many talented artists and crafts people in the shop. I have been blessed to have met and work with a wonderful group of vendors and to develop a great symbiotic relationship with them. And although my desire isn’t to exclusively cultivate a shop that offers ‘women only’ crafted goods, I will continue to make an effort to support and carry unique items that call to the artist in all of us.

Here are just a few of the wonderful ladies I've had the pleasure of working with!

The Burnt Shop

Jasleni Art & Design

Soul Holistic Health

Nutmeg Naturals

Mary Jo Piegaro

Maureen Nadeau Art

Michelle Podgorski Art

Rebel Nell