• Stacy Smith [ ROOTZ ]

How to Polish Antique Wood Furniture

Do you ever wonder what the best polish is for your antique wood furniture? I feel that beeswax is the best polish for wood antiques. Not only is it natural, but once applied in many cases you may only have to wax your furniture once a year or in some cases every few years. General maintenance for wood antiques- dust weekly with a soft cotton cloth. Never use oils or silicones and wax only when the dusting fails to restore the shine. When wax polishing use a soft cotton pad, apply a thin coat of beeswax, just enough to smear the

surface. Leave for an hour and then buff with a soft cotton cloth or lamb’s wool bonnet. The softer the buffing material the higher the gloss. Remember use just a little wax and a lot of elbow grease. The biggest mistakes are using too much wax and not waiting long enough before buffing, which gives the wax a chance to soak into the wood’s pores. Some of the top beeswax polishes are Gilroy’s Beeswax Polish, Original Beeswax Polish, and Clapham’s Beeswax Polish.

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