• Stacy Smith [ ROOTZ ]

Basic Wreath Making

How to make a wreath with dried flowers:

1. Start out with the base of your choice.

You may find that you need to add more to the base to fill it out. Use small bunched and clip to the desired length.

2. Glue your pieces in, I recommend hot glue as it dries quickly.

3. Next start adding your first plant. I always move in a circle around the wreath and from front to back to give depth and balance.

4. Once you have gone all the way around, start with your next choice. Always try and mix textures up and don’t try and hurry along by putting too much in one spot or else it will look clumpy.

5. Just keep following the same pattern around with your next choices.

6. You may want to add some flowers for color. Don’t be afraid to tuck parts back behind a little foliage. This will create a more natural look.

And then you have created something special for your door.

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