• Stacy Smith [ ROOTZ ]

The Love of a Mother

Growing up I learned so much from my mom that inspired a life-long love of so many things, animals, plants, reading and antiques to name a few. Whether or not she was aware this (and I’m sure she was), she created the person that I am today. My dad’s career required us to move quite a bit when I was younger and my mom had this amazing ability to make wherever we were living at the time become home. In essence that is what I have tried to cultivate in our shop, a place of home. We try and provide the components to help you create your own sense of home and style- from the scent to the decor. Everything in our shop has been collected with love and care with the same effort that we have put into our own home. I wish that my mom had been able see what we have created, so many of the bits and pieces of how it’s all put together had her in mind, even the colors of paint. I guess this store is my way of sharing my family with you.

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