Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rootz provide a custom floral service?

Yes, we provide a custom dried flower service. We are happy to use one of your containers or something that we find for you, go over with you our large assortment of dried flowers, seeds and pods to determine the right colors and plant choices, and then create just the right arrangement for your home. We also create custom dried wreaths as well to work for your front door or inside your home. The wonderful thing about working with dried is the lasting value and natural look you get from your investment, working with nature to craft a seasonal effect year round.

Does Rootz handle antique consignments?

No, we don’t consign antiques.

Does Rootz provide an appraisal service?

No, we don’t offer appraisals. If you have an item that you want to find more information on the best thing to do is to look for any labels, maker’s marks and a rough age of the piece and then go to the web. There are scores of websites that can help you narrow down the value of your item. If you feel that you have something of great value many reputable auction houses offer appraisals for a fee and a venue to sell your piece if you decide to go that route.

Why Rootz?

When we came up with our name we wanted to have something that best described who we are and what we are all about. Roots nurture, provide stability and give structure to the life they support. We all develop roots over our lifetime, our antiques are reminiscent of a common history that we all have come from, providing a warmth to our homes provided by past generations. The dried plants and essential oils that we carry are the bounty that roots have fed to provide an everlasting beauty and a love of nature indoors. Our gift items help curate your own sense of home, creating and growing your own roots in your home. We give every best effort to provide an eclectic, unique and organic array to complement a variety of decorating styles.