Come on over to ROOTZ!

My husband and I opened our antique and gift shop in Huntersville, NC in November of 2016. We decided we needed an outlet for our love of antiques, as our little house couldn’t hold all of our interests. We needed to expand and share our passion for the past, this way we can still collect, enjoy them for a little while and then hopefully find a happy new home for them to be loved in. The name Rootz, carrying antiques from all of our collective pasts and carrying unique gift items and art to express and illustrate, are what gives us all roots in our home. Working with smaller companies and artisans we strive to bring warmth and creativity; it’s the bits and pieces that we carry that help express ourselves to the people in our lives, who we are, and what we are about. Here at Rootz our motto is “Where curiosity is rewarded.”, we are always gathering new, unusual and eclectic pieces to enliven any home. 


We carry unique gift items from many small companies and artisans; from cards to table top to pottery and felted plants, everything that we have has been carefully chosen to inspire. I also create custom dried floral arrangements and wreaths, again something with roots, to bring the garden inside your home. 


Our shop is designed in such a way that the more you look, the more you will see, new layered with old, creating a textured, tactile effect. Our hope is that we will provide you with a memorable shopping experience and we look forward to sharing our day with you.